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We explore the potential of Audio and Visual technologies, Digital Media, and Machine Learning, to empower cultural, academical and business organisations.
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/ Who we are

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Nuwa is an international team of young, up-and-coming creatives, designers and technologists and has become a leading service provider in the domain of contemporary classical music and opera. Our aim has always been to contribute to our community and peers by sharing our expertise  and insights through a sincere and reciprocal conversation with the people and projects we engage with.

We are grateful to be part of a network of creatives, technologists, and development professionals that are working together in order to bring forward new concepts and ideas to the media technology ecosystem.

As collaborative, forward-thinking problem solvers with a passion for art, culture, technology and innovation, we strongly believe that learning is a life-long journey. With more than 15 years of experience in both the creative and technology industries to date, Nuwa is supported by Creative Europe, and it’s core members have been engaged by many high-profile clients including Apple, Google, Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken, Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liege, Crash Ensemble, The Irish National Opera, UCD Symphony Orchestra & Philharmonic Choir, and various members of the Network of European Museum Organisations.

/ What We Do

We explore the potential of audio and visual technologies, digital media, and machine learning, to empower cultural, academical and business organisations.

We move the creative industry forward and elevate our partners through innovation and digital transformation.

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/ statements

At the heart of everything we do is this idea of making work every day better.


Engage Qualitative Innovation

To reinforce the socio-cultural impact of the creative industry in our communities through the use of innovative and cutting-edge technology in the art, engaging projects, and artistic collaborations where we foster transparency through open and honest communication and nourish curiosity by supporting partners in their desire to learn new things.


“In Varietate Concordia”

Attain a sustainable flow of opportunities and new environments for the creative community by providing inclusive spaces for exploration and innovation through the collaboration between a shared network of professionals.


Investing Into The Future

Invest time and resources in producing material and building sustainable operation models centered on better quality of work-life balance for members of the creative community to assist them to focus on their art practice and successfully open new markets and opportunities bridging system design, technology, and arts.